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Best craps strategy is all you need to grab real-world gemmy prizes!

Wanna indulge in one of the world’s favorite casino games? Experience the enticing thrills when dice fly up, move in a fortunate whirl, and land on a table, showing exactly the same combination that you predicted a moment ago. As far as craps game doesn’t involve cards, the dice game is believed to be 100% unpredictable and totally unmasterable entertainment. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the improvement of your winning chances is impossible. Even though dice frolics are considered to be the game of pure luck, we created the best craps strategy to bring you stacks of dollars!

Tips for beginners

Itching to grab the greatest possible rewards every time you get in on? Mission possible! Just get a quick glimpse of our best craps strategy and step into gambling rooms to win any time of a day or night.

  1. Learn all craps bet options. Not to mention pass/don’t-pass, there are more than 15 wagers. The most appealing ones will surely bring you lots of chips!
  2. Don’t think of dice rounds as a long-termed session. Playing craps you don’t need to build hands throughout x streets or to draw cards to achieve 21 points. Take it easy: a cast is a cast, nothing more complicating.
  3. Don’t believe in winning streaks that last forever. Each roll is a separate event with a unique outcome.
  4. Don’t count on shooters’ skills. Shooting dice doesn’t require years of practice, therefore literally everyone can be your lucky shooter.
  5. Get prepared to lose. Seriously. Have you ever seen craps enthusiasts to share the best craps strategy? There is no cast-iron prize guarantee until you are a pro clairvoyant.
  6. Control your cash. If you get a bad run – don’t even try to win back previous stakes. Otherwise, your wallet will be empty.
  7. Look for casinos that provide delightful compensations.

So, if you want to stay in a fast-paced action with ease – keep these practical tips in your mind and get ready for big moments at a table.

Craps mathematics explained

Are you bored with abstract info about nothing? Wait – there is something more exciting – have you ever read about mathematical lift to get you on the road to mega wins? If you trust in the power of statistics as we do, check out the best craps betting strategy. You will definitely find something new to refine your craps style.

Odds/payout table

What craps approach do you prefer? Do you choose the most frequent bets to be cast or do you dare to try luck in much more lucrative opportunities? No matter what is your top priority, explore all point combinations and their payout rates.

  • The most rare scores are 2 and 12. Both of them have only a single way to be combined.
  • More often you can meet 5,6 and 8,9 outcomes. If you are crazy about instant rewards, focus on them.
  • As you can guess from pass/don’t pass line, 7 are rolled much more often than other points. 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1 – it has 6 flexible chances to be created.

As far as the beauty of the best craps strategy lies in total randomness, there is no need to ask about what is the most lucrative craps wager. To further upgrade the best bet craps strategy, look for the options with the lowest house edge. Otherwise, hitting thousands of dollars you will receive approximately a half in the end.

  • Pass line and come gives even money with 1.41%.
  • Don’t pass/don’t come – 1.36%.
  • All odds bet amaze with 0% and hand out up to 1:2!
  • Place bets edge ranges from 1.52% on fortunate 6 or 8 to 10.4% on 5 or 9.
  • The coldest bets are propositions – in these cases, the house receives at least 10%.

However experienced you are, you can never improve these odds. All you can do is develop brilliantly the best craps strategy on a mathematical basis. And never plan to spend hours on craps entertainment. Of course, the game delivers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, but don’t forget about the edges, hovering above a casino table.

Hurry up and ask for a shoot! Maybe, it is your life-changing moment?

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