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Craps strategy simulator and offline games with dice

When somebody mentions Craps strategy simulator, most people start thinking about dice and gambling. They do associate it with online casinos, although the game itself is so old that it is mentioned in ancient scripts.

If before, dice were used mostly for fortune-telling, today, it has become a tool for gambling. The “offline regime” was almost forgotten, and people excited about the games of chance played on the Internet, using an online Craps strategy simulator to get more chances to win.

Craps strategy simulator online and offline Craps

Craps is the game using 2 dice with dots that represent numbers from 1 to 6 on each side. When players throw them, they are always in the hope that it will be the number that they decided to bet on. However, in an offline casino (or simply a real game with other players), it can happen that dice might fall on an edge; in this case, it does not show a number. This means that any number (from the sides on the edge) can be chosen.

In this case, the dice are thrown over again so that everyone can clearly see the number. It cannot happen in online casinos, when a player, using Craps strategy simulator in order to get the better winnings plays. An online regime that uses RNG always shows the exact number on the face of a dice. Nevertheless, some true fans of gambling say that the real offline casino excitement cannot be compared with even the best slot with dice or Craps betting strategy simulator.

Offline Craps fraud

On the other hand, in a game with regular dice, one can cheat very easily. To get the desired number, the player needs to put this side of the cube on top and twist it so that it remains the same (only the side part is spinning).

This is an incomplete guarantee, but the win percentage is extremely high, up to 75%. If a player uses two dice, then the chances are reduced to 30%, but this is a considerable percentage. Due to fraud, many honest gamblers prefer online Craps.

The best slots with dice and Craps simulators

Even when a player is not registered in any Internet casino, he can find an online free Craps strategy simulator. It will be not a real game, but a kind of a trainer for those, who want to feel the game and realize if strategies here really work.

However, these free applications given on various sites (not in online casinos) are too simple. Sometimes, one has to click the dice image and see how the number of dots on its side changes. It is not enough to learn the game. For these purposes, it will be better to register in a trusted casino and play there any slot with dice using it as a good Craps strategy simulator, helping a newbie to deal with bets and odds.

The most attractive Craps slots for all types of players (skilled gamblers and beginners) are those that are developed by the following companies:

  • Microgaming Craps. This slot might be used also as a Craps strategy simulator as many casinos offer it free. It does not give the largest win, and the minimal bet starts here with 1 dollar. Red, yellow, and white colors are used in this slot game, so even a new player will understand the game process soon after he launches it.
  • NYX Gaming Group Craps. This is a slot with a huge 15 thousand prize and the biggest 500 bet size. This is a very realistic Craps simulator.
  • Playtech Craps. This is a slot for players, who do not want to risk with big sums. The bet size starts at 0.1. During the game, players can get prompts on what to do.

Craps is loved in the USA, but it is not so popular in Europe. Probably, free slots simulating Craps will help Europeans to fall in love with this game of chance.

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