Pass don’t pass strategy in craps – grab the tickets to rolling Vegas

There is nothing like the head-turning thrills of craps, as the dice are cast. Flying up and falling randomly on a table layout they can bring stacks of chips and worldwide recognition the shortest notice. As it is known, the rules of craps are enticingly simple: just hit whatever number you like and run with bankrolls in your pockets. However, almost no casino devotee can make their intuition predict every dice outcome and win every time they play.

Yet, dreaming of craps trophies? No problem! Even though it is impossible to create the best ai algorithms that calculate every roll factor including a shooter’s hand impulse, we can boost your chances with pass don’t pass strategy in craps. Let’s go!

Why is pass / don’t pass a must?

Have you ever sat at a craps table? Did you know that don’t / craps strategy pass line is the one ticket to enter the marvelous realm of craps entertainment? Seriously, before you are allowed to enjoy showers of shooting dice stars, you should test your out-of-this-planet luck and cross hallowed pass line. Then… if you are eager to walk through the first come out roll round, follow this pass don’t pass strategy in craps!

Cross the line to rewards

When it comes to ultimate mastership of the pass don’t pass strategy in craps, start from basic wagering notions, and their rewarding opportunities.

Pass don’t pass strategy in craps

As known, pass (or no pass) line is the first bet every craps newcomer should place. Nevertheless, pass bet is not called the most popular chance for nothing: sometimes pass stays to be the one made stake.

  • If you accept pass challenges, then 7 or 11 points will be your natural win and you will receive even money at the shortest notice.
  • What is interesting, getting 7 points is enticingly easy. There are 6 flexible ways to achieve lucky 7: 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, and 6+1.
  • 11 points have only two ways to be combined: 5+6, 6+5.
  • You lose when you get 2, 3, and 12. There’s no need to be scared: these ciphers appear only in up to 2 ways.
  • House edge is extremely pleasant – 1.41% on even money prizes.

The opposite bet to pass is craps don’t pass strategy. In short, it ensures your win when a shooter loses.

  • The lucky ciphers are 2 and 3; 7 and 11 are the points of no return. As you see, 2 and 3 occur very seldom: 3 times out of 36.
  • A prize pool is the same even money.
  • House edge – a little bit lower – 1.36%. Anyway, if you enjoy craps performances for 50 dollars, you will never find the difference.
  • Loses? Although 7 has the highest combination probability (⅙), keep away from it.

Note: if you are going to enjoy craps camaraderie – cheer up a shooter by staking on the pass line. No one knows whether they win, lose, or get a point – but playing in a friendly atmosphere is much more exciting than fighting with aggressive approaches.

Roll brilliant dice

Actually, there is no more guessing game than craps, but at the same time, you can enlarge your future chip trophies to uncountable amounts. How?

  1. If dice show neutral numbers, the point is established. You neither win nor lose.
  2. That allows each entertainer to use a free odd bet and take the most out of the pass don’t pass strategy in craps.
  3. A free odd means “free of commission”, 0% house advantage.
  4. In most cases, odds multiply your first bet up to 100 times.

So, try this extra chance out and make sure – you can never go wrong with this strategy!

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