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Craps Don’t Pass Betting Systems to Improve Your Winning Odds

When playing craps, you have to choose the “right” or “wrong” side when it comes to choosing the type of bet. To become the best craps player, you need to thoroughly study all aspects of the different types of bets. Ultimately, you may find that “wrong” bets are more profitable in terms of statistics. So, when we talk about “wrong” betting we mean craps don’t pass. When placing such bets, you can use some betting strategies that will help you increase your winning chances. However, keep in mind that there are no strategies that will help you overcome the house edge. Read this post to the end to learn more about don’t pass in craps.

Don’t Pass Betting Patterns

So, we are here to provide you with three betting strategies using don’t pass bets:

  1. Don’t Pass + Don’t Come. This is a conservative system that will give you a sense of confidence and minimize your financial risks. Initially, you need to make your craps don’t pass bet – and after the point has been set, you should lay full double odds against it. The next step is to make a don’t come bet, and when the point is set, lay full double odds again. After doing the above, you need to stop betting.
  2. Don’t Pass + 2 Don’t Come. Since another “don’t” is added, this system is more aggressive. However, it allows you to cover half of the points. By setting 3 points and back them with double odds against the 7, the player will receive payouts at three bets.
  3. Don’t Pass + 2 Don’t Come + Field & Lay (on 4 and 10). This pattern repeats all the things that were described above – however, your actions do not end there. On the come-out roll, place a Field bet of the same size as don’t come bet. When the point is finally set, the Field bet should be pulled down.

Before implementing these strategies, make sure you understand the rules of the craps game well.

Craps Don’t Pass Line Odds

Speaking of a conservative pattern, you can lower house edge to about 0.6%. When using this system, remember that the don’t come bet cannot be replaced more than once. With this strategy, you may count on a small, stable profit.

As for the second pattern from the list above, its advantage is that you can win big – however, your winning chances will be slightly lower. Although the winnings will be less common, you will get stable payouts over the long term.

While the third don’t pass (craps) system seems daunting, it can actually be beneficial – especially when the table is cold. However, this option provides a house advantage of around 5.6%, well above 3% (avoid bets with house edge over 3%). Another advantage of craps don’t pass betting system is that it gives some flexibility. If don’t come are losing, you can place lay bet against 4 and 10.

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