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Craps strategy “Iron cross” Iron cross

One of the most popular craps systems is called “Iron Cross”. This scheme generates considerable interest, but along with similar systems, does not guarantee overcoming the mathematical advantage of the gambling establishment.

The basic principles of the craps strategy

The Iron Cross strategy is extremely easy to use. The player simply has to make a Field bet in combination with Place bets of five, six and eight (as in the illustration).

More often than not, equal bets are made. Although some gamblers are convinced to increase the size of bets on a certain regressive scale or in some other way. In the case of losing or paying any bet, the user resumes it to the initial value and continues the gamble.

Let’s consider all possible cases:

  1. Let’s say the user rolled a combination of two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve – the Field bet paid (for 3- 4- 9- 10- 11 in relation to 1 to 1, for 2 and 12 in relation to 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 for 12 in some online casinos), and Place bets remained on the gaming table.
  2. Dropped five, it means that Place bet on a five won and paid in ratio of 7 to 5. In this case the Field bet lost. The other pair of bets remained on the field.
  3. Let it rolled six or eight – the corresponding Place bet won and paid at a ratio of 7 to 6, but again the Field bet lost. A couple of other bets remain on the field.
  4. Roll of seven – the user loses all four bets!

So, the player loses in only one variation – on a seven-point roll. In all other variations, the craps player has some winnings (even if it is a small amount). Naturally, seven points is the most likely dice combination. True, it is formed in about every sixth case. So the user will win more often.

Craps betting odds

Craps will be profitable for the client if the total winnings on Place and Field bets exceeds the total losses on a roll of seven. Statistics state that this is almost impossible. In essence, the Iron Cross strategy simply consolidates bets, each of which is programmed with some mathematical advantage of the gambling establishment. Simply put, there is almost no probability that when unprofitable bets are consolidated, the entire system can become profitable.

Looking in detail, the betting advantage is as follows:

  • Field bet – 2.78% (if the casino pays 2 to 1 for 2, 3 to 1 for 12);
  • Place bet on 5 – 4%;
  • Place bet on 6 or 8 – 1.52%;

If you do some calculations, it will be seen that on a long interval of craps play, the online casino’s benefits are almost equal to 3%. This is with constant adherence to this system. If you pay Field’s 1-to-1 bet at this institution, the advantage rises to nearly 4%.

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The Invincible Iron Cross

The “Iron Cross” craps strategy has a variation called “Invincible Iron Cross”. It is more profitable for the casino customer. Once again, stress that there is no need to flatter oneself, as this strategy also absolutely does not guarantee absence of losses. Thanks to the optimistic name, this subspecies has become more popular at online casinos than the original strategy. This system involves the implementation of bets after setting the Point.

The next throw should be preceded by such bets:

  • $5 on Field
  • $6 each on 5, 6 and 8.

After that, the player simply recovers these bets when they win or lose, similar to the usual “Iron Cross”. There is an important fundamental difference here, though. The user is pursuing the same goal as the players who have made a Pass Line bet. The user also does not want to fall out the unfortunate seven. Therefore, it is necessary to stop restoring the bets removed in the course of the game from the table, as soon as the Pass Line bet wins.

This is due to the conviction of the highest probability of falling out seven, for it has long been absent. Some players keep a special account. At some point in this account, they stop betting altogether. In fact, this is analogous to the fallacy claiming that the spins on the roulette wheel are related to each other. In reality, any spin, any roll of the dice is in no way related to previous steps, stages of the craps game. Even if there is no seven a hundred times in a row, on the hundred first probability of its falling out does not change.

To summarize. If the gambling establishment pays the Field bet in all cases in the ratio of 1 to 1, then its advantage when playing the strategy “Invincible Iron Cross” is just over 3.3%. This is more favorable than in a traditional variation of this system. But much worse than the Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line and Odds betting grouping.

Constant Pass Line bets, even with Odds strengthened, quickly become boring. Therefore, it is advisable to combine this tactic with the Invincible Iron Cross strategy. This will make the game more fun and reduce the critical advantage of the gambling establishment.

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