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How to play Craps for beginners: tips and strategies

Craps is one of the most popular and oldest dice games in American and European casinos. It offers the player a variety of betting options, but Craps for beginners seems to be a bit more complicated thing than slots or other table games.

Although, the question of how to play Craps for beginners, give some players a smile (s, the strategies variations can confuse a newbie. It only seems that everything is so simple — to shoot dice and watch the result to learn if it is a win or a loss. In reality, Craps is a serious game, both for online and offline gamblers.

Craps for Beginners: start with the rules

Craps for beginners with its rules concerning shooting dice, bets, and odds can seem to be more complicated than it is. Similar to Roulette, there are many different bets, and the table has a variety of betting fields. When playing online, a gambler always has a chance to look through the table with the rules: if he forgets something, this table will be the best reminder for him. Each online slot with dice has these prompts. In an offline, land casinos, no one will help a player. So, rules are needed to be learned.

Craps is a dice game that is played with two six-sided, i.e. normal dice. A gambler does not play against other players, but against the casino (a bank). In real casinos, the shooter is presented. This is the person who rolls the dice. In addition, other players can bet on the outcome. In online Craps, the dice is triggered with a mouse click on the corresponding button.

It is also recommended to read books about Craps for beginners as these “Pass”, “Do not Pass”, and “shoot” terms might confuse a newbie as well, and he will not understand what he is doing even when he starts playing without knowledge.

Bets in Craps

Many players have no idea what they are doing even after they read Craps rules for beginners. To be the exception and know about the house edge of Online Craps and increase the payout percentages, it is enough to remember several tips. Craps has eight excellent bets, each with an extremely low house edge. Playing the game with these bets, one can get a good chance at sessions with winnings and sessions with relatively low losses.

Pass and Come are two different types of bets in Craps games. A large number of players rely on them. There are the following to note.

  1. In a Pass bet, a person, playing Craps for beginners bets that the shooter wins.
  2. The Come bet is a unique bet made by a player. These bets can only be made once a point has been scored. So it must have been made a profit or at least be the second throw of the shooter.
  3. In the Do not Pass bet, player bets on the defeat of the shooter.
  4. The Do not Come bet works like Do not Pass and the Come bet, again, a bet can only be placed after the shooter has scored points. This opens up a variety of strategies and opportunities for a competitor. Betting against the shooter gives a player a minimum advantage of about 1.8%.
  5. Odds Craps is a side bet. This bet is 50 to 50 against the casino and has no advantage for either side.

Tips for beginners

Craps is a special game and requires a well-defined Craps strategy for beginners for winning. To keep it simple and to get through the game without the hassles of complicated techniques and strategies, it’s worthwhile to keep it simple. This means a player must bet on numbers and a shooter must always try to roll 7 or 11.

Certainly this requires practice in dice, but it does not need any other profound knowledge of betting strategies and formulas for benefits. Nevertheless, if a player is really interested in getting the answer to the question on how to win at Craps for beginners, he should combine theory with practice, play much free and remember the probabilities of the bet.

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