Hash2O AMA Transcript

Hash2O AMA Transcript

” Hash20 is a protocol that gives hashing as a provider, which permits customers to take pleasure in the hash-cycles in addition to rebase rewards “

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Hi everybody and welcome to the AMA with HASH 20! Nowadays now we have @SHA_HaaS becoming a member of us to discuss their thrilling new venture. Nice to have you ever right here 🙂


Hi there, glad to be right here and talk about extra about our venture Hash2O (H2O)!

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Superior! With out additional due, we will be able to bounce proper into the questions. Sounds excellent with you?


Yeah certain we could do it

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Nice, so that you could kick issues off, for many who is also unfamiliar…

1. Please introduce your self and the staff at the back of HASH 20.


I’m James, the founding and number one dev, and feature been operating and construction with blockchain for round 5 years now, the place I made it my complete time activity round 3 years in the past. I really like the probabilities and gear of blockchain, explicit good contract and industry common sense based totally blockchains permit for no longer simply monetary based totally programs however many others that would take pleasure in decentralization and transparency. I sought after to go the methods and talents that I obtained over the 12 months.

Talking concerning the staff, now now we have greater than 50+ staff individuals globally and serve greater than 5+ blockchain as a provider answers supplier for different blockchain initiatives together with Solana, Etherum, Cardano, Polygon and lots of extra.

Smith, who’s the senior engineer at Hash2O he has over 15 years of revel in within the IT and blockchain fields. He led his staff to expand a number of IT initiatives from scratch like centralised crypto trade, peer to look verbal exchange App, Healthtech fintech decentralized video games and metaverse ecosystem. 

He has additionally served as a industry marketing consultant for virtual belongings and IT box on quite a lot of firms advisory forums in Germany and Switzerland.

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Superior! Thanks for that tremendous creation, seems like you could have a fantastic staff at the back of you. You’ve gotten fairly numerous staff individuals


Thank you for the sure comments.

2. What’s HASH 20 and what are you looking to accomplish together with your platform?


I began Hash2O a number of months in the past and sought after to take a stab at merging numerous crypto ideas that had been already widely recognized and/or arguably very giant these days, however had no longer been used in combination ahead of. Specifically, I sought after to make a extra versatile, sustainable and lifelong staking platform than had ever been observed, which resulted in the inception of the usage of NFTs Hash as a provider protocol on Binance Good Chain that provides lifetime praise customers can withdraw each 20 hours

I additionally noticed the good fortune of prime yield initiatives like OHM and TIME, however their final loss of life on account of the marketplace turning and them providing too prime of yield which resulted in too many emissions being paid out. I sought to create a prime yield venture, however one constructed on sustainable mechanisms and ideas. Via self-driven idea with staking and farming software, referral program that can make our protocol viral and phrase of mouth, and upcoming software we will be able to have all that we want to be sure that sustainability and longevity!

Hashing is the core function of Hash20. We offer hashing as a provider, which allow our customers to take pleasure in our hash-cycles rewards. The life-time era of hash-yield can receive advantages customers for limitless time frame, for each day (nearly 20 hours).

The overall concept about Hash-as-a-service is derived from the design of the Hash20 good contracts, which might be coded and evolved to permit folks to facilitate positive benefit producing hashes. Those hashes on Hash20 are known as Hash Cycles!

Most sensible of that the object that differentiate us from different protocols available in the market is Hash as a provider (HaaS). So we got here up with the speculation of hash energy this is very similar to mining thingy however its good contract based totally hash energy no longer GPU based totally.

Customers can create 4 several types of hash and they’ll get praise on each 20 hours. We’ve spectacular day-to-day praise on each and every hash that differentiate with others as following:

Kinds of Hash-Cycles 

1) G-Pressure Hash 

2) S-Pressure Hash 

3) The R-Pressure Hash 

4) SR-Pressure Hash

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Thanks for all that knowledge. ‘Sustainable and lifelong staking platform with praise on each 20 hours’ is the important thing! Let’s unpack a little bit as there was once so much I sought after to the touch on. So first let’s speak about your token



3. Are you able to let us know extra concerning the $H20 token?

a. Utilities

b. Tokenomics


H2O holders can revel in following utilities in blockchain area

1) Lifetime praise based totally NFTs

2) Hash as a provider

3) Staking 

4) Farming

5) Governance 

6) No fuel price on purchase/promote

7) NFTs market

We’ve 3 staking swimming pools the place customers can stake their H2O tokens so they’ll get rewards although tokens are restricted for each staking pool. Our first staking pool might be reside these days on the identical time when we get indexed on PCS after the fair-launch finish!

Most often many crypto holders do not make the most of their holdings so now we have other farms like BUSD/CAKE/USDC/BNB so as an alternative of maintaining tokens of their pockets they may be able to lock on our platform and get 4600% APY in H2O V2 tokens. Is not it a captivating function?

Governance is some other software that empowers our neighborhood so they may be able to create proposal and suggest require adjustments.

Word: Hash as a provider might be survive September fifth 2022.

Overall H2O Token Provide is 10,000,000

30% honest release

20% liquidity

13% CEX checklist

10% Apeswap, sushu change and different DEX

5% building price range

2% strategic partnership

7% advertising and marketing price range

2% Advisory board

2% Airdrop praise

9% Staking praise

NOTE: 2% tokens unlocked on pinksale whilst the ones tokens reserved for staking pool in good contract. Proprietor has no get right of entry to to any unmarried tokens.

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

K superior! In an effort to contact extra at the ecosystem the usage of the $H20 token

4. How does staking paintings to your platform? Is there any cut-off date to release staking tokens or praise?


Hash2O.com permits customers to delegate their crypto holdings in one of the crucial staking swimming pools to be had at Hash2O to earn further rewards. Staking at Hash2O is some other function of producing passive source of revenue. H2O holders will be capable to take part in rewards in a method.

Hash2O holders can stake H2O to earn extra tokens.

APY will get started with 847,944.90% APY, and will drop until 550.16% APY if 100% of holders stake

1. Stake H2O Pool (restricted cap)

On this staking pool target audience can convert their virtual forex first into BNB after which use BNB to shop for Hash2O.com local tokens H2O. Customers can then, stake those tokens in go back for a predetermined share of APY tell of $H2O tokens. Although there’s a restrict to stake overall selection of tokens on staking platform this is 1,500,000 H2O tokens.

2. Stake-H2O Pool (Mid degree restricted pool)

The second one form of staking pool provides customers to stake their H2O tokens staking pool, in rewards for APY in type of $H2O tokens. APY is relatively low customers can’t get greater than 350,890% APY. Most 2,500,000 will also be locked on this pool.

3. Stake-H2O Pool (prime degree restricted pool)

The 3rd form of staking pool provides customers to stake their H2O tokens in staking pool, They’re going to be capable to earn 110,500% APY whilst pool dimension is proscribed to a few,500,000% APY.

Staking Key options

1. Customers can stake your H2O at any time you select. You’ll stake any quantity of H2O you want;

2. As soon as staked, the contract will ship a praise often for so long as tokens stay staked;

3. Customers can withdraw any quantity of staked H2O tokens with none locking duration.

4. Customers are unfastened to stake further quantities at any time;

Staking platform is able to cross reside after presale ends, please seek advice from !

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Neat! So let’s in fact speak about that as a result of Hash Playing cards is one thing that I discovered to be truly attention-grabbing

5. What are Hash Playing cards? Is that this a fractional NFT?


Most often in crypto area mining is quite common thought, the place customers have to make use of GPU energy to mine block this is known as evidence of labor.

Whilst hash 2O got here up with evidence of thought concept the place customers don’t want to frightened about processing energy, as our Hash NFTs designed to generate yield according to good contract. All they have got to calls for certain quantity of tokens that they may be able to lock and get spectacular yield on day-to-day foundation. 

Customers can create 4 several types of hash and they’ll get praise on each 20 hours. We’ve spectacular day-to-day praise on each and every hash that differentiate with others as following:


G-Pressure hash

Fashion: 75ti, 1st Gen 

Praise Ratio: 0.75/d 

Pins: 4 

Enthusiasts: Unmarried 

Bandwidth: 15000/s 

Pool Dimension: 1.5m


S-Pressure hash

Fashion: 175ti, 1st Gen 

Praise Ratio: 1.5/d 

Pins: 8 

Enthusiasts: Twin 

Bandwidth: 5500/s 

Pool Dimension: 962.5k 


R-Pressure Hash

Fashion: 300ti, 1st Gen 

Praise Ratio: 2.5/d 

Pins: 4 

Enthusiasts: Unmarried 

Bandwidth: 2000/s 

Pool Dimension: 600k


SR-Pressure Hash

Fashion: 700ti, 1st Gen 

Praise Ratio: 5.5/d 

Pins: 8 

Enthusiasts: Double 

Bandwidth: 500/s 

Pool Dimension: 350k

Hash2O AMA Transcript

That is how our Hash NFTs glance alike.

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Great! Thank you for that rationalization

6. Please let us know about the advantages and benefits of the usage of Hash 20.


We will be able to examine with different DeFi protocols and Staking platform to know its benefits.

1) Defi Comparability

Up to DeFi sounds lavishly; like every thing more, it additionally has a darker facet to it. It’s an open global of alternatives and inventions. One can not reap its advantages with out being uncovered to its pitfalls.

2) Comparability with different staking

In comparison with different staking swimming pools and initiatives, Hash20 supplies a somewhat noteworthy and dependable products and services. It’s environment friendly as in comparison to different in a way that it saves time and effort of customers to unearths and spend money on staking swimming pools. Hash20 robotically diversifies its person’s price range. But even so that, it supplies customers with a continuing supply of passive source of revenue. In contrast to, different initiatives it’s more secure and sustainable.

Briefly, the life-time yield era is upheld through an cutting edge mechanism that redistributes the yield to maintain token expansion.

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Sensible, thanks! A lot to look ahead to. The comparability desk show you how to perceive

7. What’s your roadmap? What are you attempting to succeed in within the subsequent quarter?


We’re strictly following the roadmap even one step forward of our roadmap.

Listed here are the important thing milestones to be accomplished in consecutive levels of building in Hash20 roadmap.

Please, notice that we would possibly not divulge some parts because of doable aggressive dangers. Additionally bear in mind that we reached the level 3 method previous than anticipated,

Bear in mind that we reached level 3 a lot sooner than anticipated, as Hash20 grew through leaps and limits simplest 2 weeks after its release, attaining the 1000 Hash-node after which 10000 Hash-node threshold a lot quicker than initially deliberate. The Hash roadmap and plan can subsequently alternate in no time because of occasions and new eventualities.

Degree #1

–        Introduce the idea that and analysis protocols that could be related for the venture on other blockchains (BSC, ETH, AVAX)

–        Begin to construct a neighborhood round this venture

–        Outline the Tokenomics and release a beta model of the venture

–        Keep in touch and trade to evangelize concerning the Hash20 Venture and the approaching Hash20 DeFi allocation era

–        Create a beta model of the touchdown web page and the dApp

Degree #2

–        Let early adopters spend money on the $H2O token at the Binance Good Chain via PancakeSwap

–        Early adopters can create the primary hash-cycle and obtain rewards in $H2O tokens from the pool

–        Succeed in the objective of 500 nodes created to verify the praise mechanism works and is scalable

–        Get indexed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to realize visibility and keep in touch about our imaginative and prescient

–        Publishing of the great Whitepaper and Tokenomics

–        Release the V2 of the Hash20 Dapp and Primary web page with a brand new UI design

Degree #3

–        Strengthen the praise distribution gadget to make it extra dependable and scalable

–        Accumulate a staff of builders and pc scientists to construct the Hash20 DeFi allocation protocol

–        Get started growing the era and the protocol at the back of Hash20 

–        Create an iOS and Android cell dApp for Hash20 

–        Release a staking options for holders who can not manage to pay for to create a Hash cycle

Degree #4

–        Upload an automated compounding gadget to create new Hash-cycle with rewards with out claiming

–        Release the Hash20 DeFi allocation protocol

–        Open the DAO to let Hashers vote concerning the allocation of price range in numerous protocols

–        Get indexed on centralized Exchanges

–        Paintings with DeFi Influencers to get extra publicity and protection a number of the blockchain neighborhood

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

Remarkable! There’s numerous neat options I’m seeing popping out of HASH 20 however most significantly

8. Are you audited? How can customers be confident that their price range are secure?


Prior to the announcement about our honest release, I want to proportion advertising and marketing plans.

We’re partnered with numerous sturdy advisors within the area which might be helping us with numerous issues associated with connecting us with their networks, advisement on treasury investments for advertising and marketing amongst different issues, and in the long run helping to verify the route the venture is going will result in good fortune. 

That being stated, we’re company believers that partnerships want to be mutually really useful and if we had been to spouse with another initiatives we wish there to be advantages taking place on each side. Nowadays we imagine now we have an excessively sturdy basis of tech and advisement from inside of, however will glance to look what comes someday relating to partnership with different initiatives who’ve sturdy tech and price that we will leverage to make the H2O ecosystem more potent than ever.

Briefly we will be able to run banner commercials on other value chart platforms like dextools, poocoins, coinmarketcap and coingecko. We’ve plan to put it on the market our hash as a provider function ahead of it is going reside through having partnership and make consciousness based totally articles on quite a lot of and famend platform. We will be able to alsot get indexed on second tier trade within the first month. We imagine in stable expansion so our referral gadget that provides 7% bonus on each unmarried hash introduction may even assist us to make H2O phrases of mouth throughout other areas in every single place the sector. We will be able to onboard youtube, tiktoker influencers who could make evaluate video like bitboy and lots of others.

4 hours Fairlaunch element

Softcap: 99 BNB

Minimal: 0.01 BNB

Most: no restrict

Legitimate: 4 hours

Liquidity: 3 years

Tokenomics: 100% locked

Partnership: AquaTank

Sign up for Fairlaunch:

How one can Take part a Fairlaunch on PinkSale:

Stephanie (BSC.Information)

It is certainly some thrilling stuff! Would you be capable to supply us with social media hyperlinks in order that our neighborhood may apply?


Social Hyperlinks:

Web page







Stephanie (BSC.Information)Nice! Just remember to guys cross and take a look at HASH 20! Their platform provides you with publicity to the most efficient initiatives on BSC all whilst rewarding you for the usage of their cutting edge ecosystem!

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